AIFF / AIFF-C Sample Files

The following are AIFF/AIFF-C files of various types

Sample Files from CopyAudio

The CopyAudio program (part of the AFsp package) can produce output files of a number of different types. Samples files produced by converting stereo 16-bit data are as follows.

M1F1-AlawC-AFsp.aif (47 kB)
AIFF-C file, stereo A-law data (compression type: alaw)
M1F1-mulawC-AFsp.aif (47 kB)
AIFF-C file, stereo -law data (compression type: ulaw)
M1F1-int8-AFsp.aif (47 kB)
AIFF file, stereo 8-bit data
M1F1-int8C-AFsp.aif (47 kB)
AIFF-C file, stereo 8-bit data
M1F1-int12-AFsp.aif (92 kB)
AIFF file, stereo 12/16-bit data
M1F1-int12C-AFsp.aif (92 kB)
AIFF-C file, stereo 12/16-bit data
M1F1-int16-AFsp.aif (92 kB)
AIFF file, stereo 16-bit data
M1F1-int16C-AFsp.aif (92 kB)
AIFF-C file, stereo 16-bit data
M1F1-int24-AFsp.aif (138 kB)
AIFF file, stereo 24-bit data
M1F1-int24C-AFsp.aif (138 kB) x
AIFF-C file, stereo 24-bit data
M1F1-int32-AFsp.aif (184 kB)
AIFF file, stereo 32-bit data
M1F1-int32C-AFsp.aif (184 kB)
AIFF-C file, stereo 32-bit data
M1F1-float32C-AFsp.aif (184 kB) x
AIFF file, stereo 32-bit float data
M1F1-float64C-AFsp.aif (368 kB)
AIFF-C file, stereo 64-bit float data
M1F1-int16s-AFsp.aif (92 kB)
AIFF-C/sowt file, stereo, 16-bit data (little endian)

Perverse Files

The following AIFF-C files are legitimate but perverse.

Pmiscck.aif (1 kB) *
AIFF-C file (9 samples) with an odd length intermediate chunk (compression code XxXx)
Pnossnd.aif (1 kB) *
AIFF-C file with 0 samples (no SSND chunk)
Poffset.aif (1 kB) *
AIFF-C file (9 samples), SSND chunk has a 5 byte offset to the data and trailing junk in the SSND chunk
Porder.aif (1 kB) *
AIFF-C file (9 samples) with SSND chunk ahead of the COMM chunk
Ptjunk.aif (1 kB) *
AIFF-C file (9 samples) with trailing junk after the FORM chunk

The following AIFF-C file is invalid. A reasonable file reading routine should be able to work around the problems.

Fnonull.aif (1 kB) *
AIFF-C file (9 samples) with COMM chunk declaring 92 bytes (1 byte longer than actual file length), SSND with 9 bytes, missing trailing fill byte

Other AIFF files

These files are from CCRMA at Stanford:

aiff-16.snd (129 kB) *
AIFF file: 16-bit data
aiff-8.snd (65 kB) *
AIFF file: 8-bit signed data
alaw.aifc (2 kB) *
AIFF-C file: A-law (compression code: ALAW, data from wood12.aiff saved as A-law samples)
ulaw.aifc (2 kB) *
AIFF-C file: -law data (compression code ULAW, data from wood12.aiff saved as -law samples)
digit0v0.aiff (9 kB) *
AIFF-C file with weird COMM chunk
g722.aifc (2 kB) *
AIFF-C file: G.722 data (compression code: G722)
o2_726.aiff (1 kB) *
AIFF-C file: G.726 data (compression code: G726)
o2_728.aiff (1 kB) *
AIFF-C file: G.728 data (compression code: G728)
o2_gsm.aiff (1 kB) *
AIFF-C file: GSM data (compression code: GSM)
wood12.aiff (4 kB)
AIFF file: 12-bit data.
wood24.aiff (5 kB)
AIFF file: 24-bit data (same data as wood12.aiff)